Friday, August 5, 2011

Daily Flash: One Button Bob

You're at your friend's house, and there's something suspiciously sticky about his keyboard that tells you that if you touched it, you'll probably have to cut off your fingers. Thankfully One Button Bob brings us a delightful game using, you guessed it, one button. The many modes there are reminiscent of the Wario Ware games, with the difficulty ramping upwards as you go along.

8 bit graphics, simple images for a simple game. The entire game feels like you're playing an old Indiana Jones movie, back before we had aliens and Shia Labeouf. The main character is adorable, and you I feel sorry for all the pain I must have put him through with my failed attempts.

For a single button game, there's a deceptive amount of gameplay here. From outrunning boulders to throwing boomerangs, jumping gaps and avoiding arrows, it's all done with one button. If there's one thing I wanted from the gameplay, was more of it. By the time it was over, all I wanted to do is see how much deeper one click could take me.

Much shorter than most games, One Button Bob will only last upward of 5 minutes. (I finished the game in under 400 clicks, so there's a ballpark for how look it took.) If you have the time to read this review, you have the time to play the game. It's an amazing example of mechanics so simple a child can understand it, but it takes quite a bit of timing and reflexes to make it all the way to the end. Tell me how many clicks you finished in.

Play One Button Bob Here!

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  1. Hehe, I like the situation you described at the beginning :P Very unique concept and so fun! The whole game was relatively easy until you got to the boss, he was just frustrating. I had a little over 500 clicks, but was being careless on a couple parts. Props to them for providing such a challenge without us having to read a list of controls: ~WASD to move, spacebar to jump, F to use boomerang, P to eat pie, etc.~ Nope, just click.