Saturday, August 6, 2011

Daily Flash: Darkness 2

If you've ever thought, "There are just too many colors in the world." then Darkness 2 is perfect for you. A simple concept, everything in the world is dark and you have a limited supply with which you can paint that world. A world of light/dark has been done before, but can Darkness 2 shine a new light on the concept?

While the graphics aren't much to look at, it's loads of fun to paint the walls. It's a simple pleasure, drawing on the idea of making a mess with no consequences. Everyone will agree that finger painting and drawing on things you shouldn't is fun. Some levels mix up the color palate which is a refreshing change of pace, but this doesn't happen often enough and the rest of the game does get stale quickly.

Most of the game feels either too simple, or arbitrarily hard. While you have a limited number of paint balls to paint the environment, you never get close to using up your regular paint so it might as well be unlimited. Many of the levels are simple, and rely on you not being able to see the walls. The levels that force you to go off screen are annoying since you get so close to the sides, but at least not being able to see everything brings some sort of new gameplay.

Refreshing at first, and there are a few moments that make you appreciate the mechanics, but the level design is lacking. There just aren't enough moments that actually make you feel clever because you solved the level. Most levels could be solved by throwing paint balls everywhere until it just becomes a normal platformer. Try it for the novelty, but don't expect anything too clever.

Play Darkness 2 Here!

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  1. Mm, interesting concept and it definitely was fun tossing paint everywhere, but otherwise it was pretty boring. Only level that made me somewhat nervous and posed a real challenge was level 25, where you actually did have to use some skill to pass the block over the gears. It was a little entertaining at least.