Sunday, August 7, 2011

Daily Flash: Top Defense

I love me some defense games. Top Defense brings you in as the commander of a space station, but who cares? This game is about the tedious destruction of thousands of enemies who will mindlessly follow the arbitrarily indirect paths towards your base. Is this game enough fun to play to the end?

Everything from the explosions to the enemies look pretty good in Top Defense. The intro has some wonderful images that suit a sci-fi universe, and you actually see several diverse environments as you progress through the game. No matter how busy the screen gets, all the weapons have distinct effects, and although things can get frantic when the tough enemies come out, everything is clear and the game never slows down.

Once again, this is a game that would benefit from a Start Next Wave button. There were plenty of times where I just wanted more things to kill. I like that the different weapons clearly have their pros and cons against different enemy types. Your main cannon can hit hard if you upgrade it, but it can be a hassle to destroy the smaller, quicker units. Your several area attacks can decimate small units, but have a long time between uses.

There are small improvements that could have been made to the game play, and many of the levels just felt drawn out. The earlier levels suffer from easy enemies that are quickly destroyed by anything I threw at them, but there were moments later on that genuinely had me scrambling. If you like defense games, this is an okay way to waste your time. Otherwise, maybe try to find something with a little more action.

Play Top Defense Here!

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  1. Played a little of it, I usually enjoy top down shooters but this was just alright. Wasn't fantastic but not terrible either.