Monday, August 1, 2011

Daily Flash: Mechanical Commando 2

Today's flash game is Mechanical Commando 2! It was the featured game for Kongregate today, so why not let it be the first flash game for our daily quick review?

Mechanical Commando is your run of the mill top-down shooter who puts you as some regular guy, who happens to come upon an abandoned Mech laying in a warehouse. Why it has the keys to the ignition in there, who knows. The story doesn't really draw you in or ask you to connect with the hero, lets be honest here, we came to play a shooter and I don't remember the last time I stopped before playing Contra and actually asked what was going on. The story is just there to put you in a war zone, and give you a reason for slaughtering the thousands of people you are going to be killing. And killing we shall.

The game looks good, but lacks any distinct art style that sets it apart from other giant mech games. At times, the camera feels too zoomed in, and you can only see far enough to care about the 4-5 guys on the screen at a time. Bodies, footprints, and explosions stay on the map forever, which is a nice touch, but if you have an older PC be prepared to turn the quality to low to keep up with all the giblets being left on the floor. The aesthetics work, but they never pop.

There's plenty of people to kill in this game, and I mean plenty of things to kill. Unfortunately, you don't get much variation in a top-down shooter when you basically have: infantry, stationary turret, flyer, robot, and large robot. The boss fights play just like any other enemy, but with a larger health pool and more bullets all over the place. The levels are longer than necessary, and incredibly repetitive. The game is tough, I couldn't make it through the second main story line level without going to do a side stage to get enough exp to make it through. It's not a hard game to play, but the health packs are few and far apart, and when you have several thousand bullets to dodge, they eventually whittle you down. It also doesn't help that if you die, you don't gain any exp for your hard work, and must start the level all over again from scratch.

The game is boring and slow. You get new weapons, but all the ones I experienced played exactly the same, but with variations in speed in power. The game was fun for the first fifteen minutes, but the repetitiveness of the enemies and boring level design just couldn't keep me interested. Play the game to see what it's like, but don't expect it to keep you hooked til the end.

Play Mechanical Commando 2 Here!

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