Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Daily Flash: Experimental Shooter

It's like WarioWare rules, all in the style of a top down shooter. Each level has it's own unique rules. From putting a timer on your clearing time, to forcing you to hit two targets per shot, the only rules that remain the same is that all targets must be destroyed to continue. Does the game make sense, or is it too scatterbrained to be fun?

Very minimalistic designs, the only things on the screen are your targets and yourself. It's pretty effective, and it's easy to figure out what's going on. Since half of the game is trying to learn how to beat the level, that's pretty important.

For veterans of any shooter, the rules for each level shouldn't be too difficult to deduce. And, if you ever needed a hint, the name of the level pretty much spells out what you have to do. But, while trying out new rules every level is fun and refreshing, some of the games had rules that just made it frustrating to finish. For example, I had several stages reset because I missed the final shot because I had to shoot from across the stage.

While levels can be frustrating, the good news is that they're never around so long that you stop playing. As soon as you get tired of one level, it's over and it's time to go onto the next. Experimental Shooter is a mix of ideas that are genuinely fun, and others that are just new and different. As the title says, it's an experiment, and one that I kinda liked taking part in.

Play Experimental Shooter Here!

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