Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Daily Flash: The Company of Myself

Following K.O.L.M. in the artsy platformer trend, lets look at another platformer with a unique playstyle, The Company of Myself. It's no looker, but it gives us a brand new mechanic, you can repeat a level, and your previous attempts become shadows that you can use as platforms for future attempts.

There are few games that make you really think out there, but the ones that do can leave you with a profound sense of discovery. The game starts out as a regular platformer with a unique twist, but as you go further into the game you learn about the twists and depth to the meaning of the character's unique powers. I can't say anything about the story, but you definitely should play all the way through, and read everything there is to read.

The game doesn't look too amazing. There are never any moments that will get close to pushing the boundaries of a web based flash game, but do we really need that? You can clearly tell who you are and where you need to go. The aesthetic isn't even unique or memorable, but it's functional, and plays to the style of the gameplay.

Tight controls combined with good platforming. The cloning gameplay makes for some unique puzzles, with gates that either you or your shadows can't pass through. The levels never get too difficult, but I guess you'll have to settle for unique gameplay.

It's another come for the gameplay, stay for the story. If you like a good platformer, you'll love The Company of Myself. Even if you only want to just see the puzzles, it's definitely an experience you'll want to try out.

Play The Company of Myself Here!

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  1. To me it was simply an interactive story, but one that was told so beautifully. The part where you're....

    -kind of a spoiler-

    forced to let the girl fall to move on to the next level was heart-wrenching.

    The last stage was brilliant. I'll never forget this game.