Friday, August 12, 2011

Daily Flash: Use Boxmen

 Simple graphics and silly faces everywhere. Once again, a game with silly humor in everything from the between stage text to the walls of the levels, Use Boxmen has you using, abusing, and sacrificing your clones to finish each level. A platformer with cloning, how does this one stand up with other puzzlers out there?

I'm a sucker for cute aesthetics. All the faces of the boxmen and even the faces drawn on the foreground are simple, yet adorable. There's nothing like watching your boxmen run into a spike wall or down a pit with huge, innocent smiles on their faces. The hand drawn look is simple, and never really draws too much attention to itself.

The puzzles are simple, with only one or two levels that required a bit of out-of-the-box thinking to solve. Pun intended. Using your Boxmen in different ways is fun, and intuitive. If I see a cliff I can't quite jump, have a Boxman do it. Have to leave someone standing on a button? No worries, he'll spend the rest of his life holding down that button. The levels are fun, but could be harder.

While there are other games that have you creating copies of yourself, Use Boxmen is one of the few that give you the freedom of letting your copies do things that you can't do. While it's not as complex as controlling several characters at once, it's gameplay is similar to lemmings in leaving your limited supply of characters standing around to reach a goal. Plenty of fun to be had, but the 13 levels end quickly.

Play Use Boxmen Here!

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  1. This game was great in every way, except I'm kind of annoyed because level 13 glitched on me. At first the barriers would disappear fine when I assigned the clones to run on their designated switches, but when I restarted and did the exact same thing, the barriers never disappeared. So now it's impossible for me to progress because of that stupid glitch. Annoying.